I am an average (midage) Joe who loves to be a computer geek from time to time. The geeky side of me can get lmeost in the world of computers for days, especially when i have something i need to understand in Linux.

The non geeky side of me, the more mature and social guy can get so frustrated of computers that he won’t touch them for weeks, even months.


For all who have started with Linux knows that if you gonna install, make or whatever you intend to do, it will take hours, days even weeks to make it work your way. Sometimes you have to search the whole internet for solutions, and you need to add bits and pieces from 20 different sites to make your installation work. Linux is great when it is up and running but to make it run can be a bit tricky from time to time.

Maby the tutorials can give you some pointers, they might even get your installation to work.